Gilles Caprari

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With a PhD in robotics at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich ETH, an entrepreneurial career and years of sailing experience, Gilles is the tech genius behind SMark.

It doesn't take long for him to bring to life anything you might ask for which did not exist before.

 His precious expertise brings WaterSportMarks at the forefront of water drones. In 2020, after working with Julien and Valentina, Gilles  founded WaterSportMarks together with them to work on multiple versions of  robotic marks.

Valentina Venturi

During a long mark resetting in a regatta in 2016, Valentina started to dream of a light drone mark that even a girl could could handle alone.

 After a few years building prototypes she met Gilles and Julien in 2020, they were working as well on a light drone buoy... finally the dream became reality.

With a PhD in mechanical engineering and the past 8 years spent working at the European Center for Nuclear Research Valentina is now fully focussed on robotic marks!

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Julien Buros

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Either it’s behind a boat, under a kite or on a snow slope, Julien is a ‘water’ sport fan! He is a waterski instructor and holds a Msc. in electrical engineering from Polytechnic Grenoble (FR) and University of Florida. Julien has been designing GPS systems for almost 10 years and brings 20 years of experience in high-tech companies ranging from start-up to multinationals. SMark was first born in his mind as a waterski robotic mark but Gilles and Valentina’s sailing influence got the upper hand…for now!