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We are delivering  an eco-friendly solution for water sports events.

Considering an 8 hours operation with a 20 kt wind, SMark-Plus requires a total energy of 0.30 kWh which corresponds to a carbon footprint of 140 g 

That's the same emission generated by a motorboat in....92m!!


An example:

During a typical regatta day an average of 2 marks resets are necessary. Considering an upwind course of 0.5 Nm race and  taking into account the installation and removal of the buoy, a motorboat navigates a total of 4 Nm.

In this example, by using SMark the carbon emission can be reduced by 21 times!

Calculation assumptions

Average carbon emission to generate electricity: 475g CO2/kWh (

Average consumption of a motor boat is 1 liter of gas per Nm.